Girl Power
Introducing ‘Girl Power’ ring.


Made to order
Please contact us to discuss your specifications ahead of placing your order. Once agreed, you can enter these details into the ‘Notes’ section of this page on placing your order.


Stainless steel slim size ring with magenta, purple slate, stainless steel swirl and purple glitter inlay. Slate is known as a balancing stone. Balancing Chakras. emotional, mental, spiritual, ethereal, and physical bodies. Alongside the colour magenta which is also one of universal harmony and emotional balance.


Customisation Options (see FAQ for further information)
  • Ring width: 4.0mm (minimum).
  • Ring thickness: Made to your specification - standard is 2.2mm.
  • Inlay width: Made to your specification (subject to ring width).
  • Inlay material: Magenta inlay with slate, stainless steel swirls and glitter.
  • Colour: Magenta, purple and silver speckle.
  • Fit: ‘Comfort fit’ as standard with rounded inside edges and a brushed interior (helps to stop a ring sliding off).


  • Glow: Included in the list price. This ring is available with a UV reactive inlay that will glow in the dark after being held under a UV light source or the sun.

Girl Power

  • Additional Information

    All "Made to order" items have a 2 - 3 weeks lead time plus delivery. Each Item is hand-crafted and customised for each order. The photos are for representation only.