Meet The Team


Leon Cook

Founder and owner of 'Leon Designs'.

I am an experienced machinist with a passion for working with my customers to create designs that have true meaning for them.

This could be a ring representing a great challenge they have over-come or based on a design that has personal or sentimental meaning.



Workshop buddy and trusted companion.

My workshop has evolved over the years and most days you can find me in there accompanied by my little buddy 'Bella'.

Angel or Devil depending on available treats!

Handcrafted Rings


All my rings are handcrafted in my workshop using a lathe and many other tools.


                     ** I DO NOT use any pre-made ring blanks or ring kits **


Each ring is unique - even two rings of the same design have different personalities due to the hand-crafting involved and materials used.


I mainly work with high grade stainless steel, this is a fantastic material as it is highly corrosive resistant, recyclable, has antibacterial properties, does not stain and is non magnetic.


I also work with brass, copper, aluminium, wood, carbon fibre etc.


My other designs


Pretty much anything cylindrical can be crafted on a lathe. See my 'Gallery' for examples of other items that I have created. These are not listed in my shop, however are available as 'made to order' products on request (please contact me).